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June 10, 2002 Eclipse




Please Help Us Find a Good Home for Timber!!!

"Can you please help me find a home?" 

 GO VOTE!- Don't let disaffected litigators and appointed judges choose your president again like they did in 2000!  Democrats & Republicans...  Men & Women ....  Young & Old... Be an educated and responisble citizen and make sure your voice is heard in 2004 — Get out and vote on November 2nd!!! 

We know what you're thinking.... "WOW!  Keith finally changed the site!"  Yes, I know I have been lagging, but I have been really busy and it was definitely time for a change... plus we need your help...

Timber Needs A Home!!!! - Timber is one of several dogs that Keith bred back in the mid-90's.  She is the daughter and sister of his two dogs, but three is just too many for us to handle.  Timber is a wonderful 9-year old Alaskan Malamute mix.  She is very smart, well-trained, quiet, affectionate, playful, and loyal.  Please let us know if you think you can help, and are interested in knowing more about Timber.

Thanks for stopping by! If you've been here before, thanks for coming back!  We have actually been online for a year now!  Thanks for your help.  If you have any comments or suggestions, we'd love to hear them. Just drop a line to webmaster@jakobs.org

P L U S . . . Keith is slowly building up his site, with more than just his résumé. He has been playing around with lots of new technologies, (including ASP.NET and MS-SQL) and is trying to show off all he can do with a Microsoft web server.  Feel free to to show this site to anyone who may need any variety of computer, network, or Internet services or support.

The Jakobs Family has put this site together for each one of us, as much as a public site for all who wish to stop by.  Here you can learn about each member of the Jakobs Family, make use of our tools & services, and learn more about our endeavors.  By the way, for those of you who are curious, Scott and Keith are not brothers - they're first cousins, whose fathers are identical twins.  So we're kinda like half-brothers.

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